Gonzo's Tool Box: Why Men Do Manly Things

Gonzo’s Tool Box: Why Men Do Manly Things

Men don't listen to their wives when they're driving the car. Real men just drive until the gas gauge reads empty and then stop while the wife goes inside for directions. When she gets back, she very gently explains how to get back on the correct highway. Now why is that? Wrong body chemistry I guess. But, the same thing holds true at the repair shop.

Men don’t listen to their wives when they’re driving the car. Real men just drive until the gas gauge reads empty and then stop while the wife goes inside for directions. When she gets back, she very gently explains how to get back on the correct highway. Now why is that? Wrong body chemistry I guess. But, the same thing holds true at the repair shop.

Some male patrons tend to be in this same mode. They want to “talk to the mechanic” verses talking to the front-desk person. Especially if that front person is female. In my case, the front desk person is my daughter. She has seen it all, and is very knowledgeable I might add. Ask her a car question, any question, and she will answer your question.

The phone rang one day and my daughter answered it: “Good Morning, can I help you?” 

“What I really want is to talk to tech,” said the caller.

Being a chip off the old block, my daughter likes to feel she is doing her job and that there is no need to “talk to the tech” because the tech is going to only repeat exactly the same information.

“Sir, I’m sure I can answer any question you have,” she said.

“Look, little lady, get me the tech.  I’m not talking to some girl over a car problem.”

“What, you don’t think I can talk cars because I’m a girl?”
“Just get the tech.”

“Ok, just a minute I’ll see if he’s free,”  She answered.

She puts the guy on hold and turns to me with those eyes, you know the ones, the “another male chauvinist on the line, Dad.”  

“I’ll take the call, kiddo,” I said. 

She hands me the phone and clicks the hold button, then sits back in her chair, glaring at me.

“Can I help you,” I said.

“Sure can. I was referred to you by another shop. They said you are the best,” he said. “I have this noise coming from my engine. The other shop said you would know.”

I stayed calm and answered: “Well, I probably could figure it out.”

“So when can you get a look at it,’’ he answered.

Now it’s time for the real fun.  “Now, that I can’t answer for you sir, let me put you back in touch with the front office. They can give you that information. Hold a second while I transfer you back to the front,” I said with a grin.

“Sure no problem,” the caller answered.  You could tell he was quite proud of himself.

I put him on hold, and looked at my daughter.  She was rolling those eyes again. Now, I don’t know how to “write” frustration on paper, but if you can imagine the look I was getting, you would certainly understand.

She got back on the phone as cheerful as ever and proceeded to set up a time and date that he could get his car in the shop.   A few days later, as I was pulling into the shop parking lot, the guy was sitting in his car waiting at the front door.  
I waved at him and unlocked the front door. He followed me in to the lobby as I was putting my lunch and laptop down in my office.

“How ya doing this morning?,” I asked him. 

“I’ve got my car out here,” he said. “It’s the one I called about that is making that noise.”

“Great, let’s fill out the invoice and get started on it,” I answered back to him. My daughter hadn’t made it in yet.

The repair wasn’t a big deal (belt tensioner bearing). The customer waited in the lobby for the job to be completed while my daughter took over in the front office for the day.

All said and done with, nothing was mentioned about the phone call. Perhaps, it didn’t need to be mentioned because us men took care of business. You know, we men, we do “manly” things. It’s not important if the opposite sex doesn’t understand us because we’re men, and men don’t need to explain things to each other.  Now, that statement isn’t funny at all. That’s the chauvinist response answer.

It doesn’t set well with me. I may be a guy, but I try to show respect to anyone and everyone who shows respect back. It’s not a gender thing at all. I have quite a few parts counter female friends that can rattle off a part number for a given vehicle before you can fully describe the part to them. They are just that good. That “sweet” voice on the phone is no indication of knowledge. That’s just a voice, put a wrench in her hand and watch out, you may have met your match. But, I know a lot more jerks that think “men” are the only answer to car repair.  This guy, well, it’s safe to say … he made the list. 

Scott “Gonzo” Weaver is the owner of Superior Auto Electric. He is the author of the book “Hey Look! I Found the Loose Nut”, that can be purchased online at Amazon.com or at gonzostoolbox.com  

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