Fras-le Launches Air Disc Brake Pad Program

Fras-le Launches Air Disc Brake Pad Program

Fras-le North America has announced the launch of its air disc brake pad program for the North American aftermarket. The launch is an expansion of the company's Work Truck and Fleet Disc Brake Pad Program, which kicked off in May.

Fras-le North America has announced the launch of its air disc brake pad program for the North American aftermarket. The launch is an expansion of the company’s Work Truck and Fleet Disc Brake Pad Program, which kicked off in May.

Fras-le’s new air disc brake pad program, sold under the Extreme Service brand, includes 11 part numbers, covering more than 59 applications, on 12 brake systems. Fras-le air disc brake pads, made of OE-quality friction material, offer reliable, quiet, durable and longer-life performance, the company says. This line of asbestos-free friction material was specially developed to meet the needs of heavy-duty and commercial vehicles, and meets the European ECE-R90 quality standard, which requires all safety related replacement parts to perform within certain parameters of the Original Equipment (OE) specification.

With this portfolio expansion, the company now offers a complete line of hydraulic and air disc brake pads for class 1c-8 vehicles and is positioned to help warehouse distributors expand friction sales into new markets. Fras-le is the OEM friction supplier on many medium-duty work trucks in the U.S., and has been Meritor’s heavy-duty friction partner for more than 15 years.

"We are proud to bring our line of air disc brake pads for commercial vehicles to the North American aftermarket," said Rodrigo Meirelles, Fras-le North America’s vice president and general manager. "This portfolio expansion demonstrates our commitment to be the primary source for OE quality, aftermarket brake pads for work trucks in North America."

According to Fras-le, when compared against two major OE competitors, Fras-le’s PD/1931 FF friction material delivered less pad and disc wear. The company says it also uses the Util Group SL5 Retention Backing Plates, a mechanical attachment system that is specially designed to drastically reduce sheer and provide the end-user with longer pad life. Longer-lasting friction material allows the end-user to perform fewer brake jobs over the life of the vehicle, which provides cost savings.

Fras-le’s Work Truck and Fleet Disc Brake Pad Program provides distributors with a complete sales tool kit to serve this fleet segment, along with marketing and technical support and training resources. In addition, Fras-le has dedicated fleet brake specialists – a team of work truck experts – to serve as a liaison between fleets and distributors.

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