Ford Truck: Low Pedal On F-250, F-350 Models

Ford Truck: Low Pedal On F-250, F-350 Models

A customer complaint pertains to long or low pedal action. According to Ford technical service bulletin TSB 96-25-19, the master cylinder should be changed to a unit with a larger bore size.


1995 Ford F-250, F-350 using 10-4007 or 10-2690.


Low or long pedal action.


According to Ford technical service bulletin TSB 96-25-19, the master cylinder should be changed to a unit with a larger bore size.

ford truck 1Solution

 Before changing the unit, perform the following checks:

With the engine off and all vacuum depleted from the booster, check the pedal action. It must be high and hard. If it is not, either the master cylinder is bypassing or something else in the system is causing the low pedal (check ABS valve if so equipped, all flexible brake hoses, or for air in ford truck 2system). Note that the booster cannot cause a dropping pedal — it either works or the pedal will be hard.

For 10-4007 (without cruise), upgrade to 10-2827. For 10-2690 (with cruise), upgrade to 10-2828.

Courtesy of CARDONE ProTech.

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