Five Ways You Can Prevent Spreading COVID-19
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Five Ways Repair Shops Can Prevent Spreading COVID-19

With many businesses closing their doors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), tire dealers across the U.S. have taken extra precautions at their shops to ensure their customers’ safety.


Below are a few ways tire dealerships are communicating and interacting with customers to give them peace of mind as the U.S. works to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Communicate Your Commitment.

Over the weekend, many tire dealerships sent e-newsletters or posted on social media to let customers know how they’re responding to COVID-19 at their shops. For example, Flynn’s Tire & Auto Service posted on its social media a letter from Joe Flynn III, the company’s president, about “best practices” its locations are taking for personal hygiene and sanitation.

Wipe Down High-Touch Points in the Shop.

This is a best practice shops should be doing on at least a daily basis, but increase frequency to show customers your shop is being proactive about their safety.


Scott Welsh, owner of Courtesy Auto Service & Tire of Tacoma in Tacoma, Washington, said, “We’re wiping down the counters, and people are seeing us do it, too. We want people to know that we care about their health.” It also has hand sanitizer throughout the shop.

High-touch points include:

  • Counters
  • Credit card machines
  • Door handles
  • Phone handles
  • Coffee areas
  • Kitchen areas
  • Chair arms and tables in waiting areas
  • Tools

Wipe Down Customers’ Vehicles.

After servicing a customer’s vehicle, wipe down any areas in the interior where your employees have touched, such as door handles, the steering wheel, keys, shifters and power window panels. Chris Monroe, owner of Monroe Tire & Service in Shelby, North Carolina, said he plans to implement this practice at his shop in addition to all staff wearing gloves, especially when interacting with customers.


Give Customers Options.

Pat Fleischmann, co-owner of Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair in Phoenix, Arizona, said the shop’s six locations are giving customers options in terms of vehicle service to cater to how customers are responding to COVID-19.

For example, the shop sent out communications reminding customers of its shuttle service that picks up and delivers their vehicle to their home. Its six locations also have a key dropbox for evening drop-offs to avoid or minimize contact.

Flynn’s Tire & Auto Service is allowing customers to stay in their vehicle for certain service, tire installation and repairs, according to a post on its Facebook.


Community Tire Pros is also advising its older customers to defer non-priority repairs to another date to not make unnecessary trips.

Take Employee Illness Seriously.

This is a no-brainer, but encourage employees who don’t feel well to stay home. Courtesy Auto’s Welch is encouraging his employees not to shake hands. Sullivan Tire & Auto Service posted on its website that it is practicing “personal distancing” and encouraging employees to stay home if they feel under the weather.

Courtesy of Tire Review Magazine.

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