Extend ASE Certifications Remotely With Renewal App
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Extend ASE Certifications Remotely With Renewal App

The new ASE renewal app allows automobile service professionals to extend their certification expiration dates by one year without setting foot in a test center.

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With stay-at-home orders in effect in most states and test centers closed due to COVID-19, the ASE renewal app program gives technicians a remote option for managing certifications by testing technical knowledge through an app for phones, tablets and computers. The program is available to technicians who are already certified in the automobile series of tests (tests A1-A9).  New subscribers to the ASE renewal app will also receive a one-time, six-month extension when they subscribe by June 30, 2020.

“Keeping certified and learning from the questions as you go, by seeing the answers with full explanations, will help you stay sharp and engaged with technology in each test,” said Tim Zilke, ASE president and CEO. “The renewal app has been very well received by the professional technicians who have already used it, and we hope more techs consider this remote option to renew their certifications, particularly during this difficult time.”

Automotive service professionals can sign up for a free three-day trial at ASErenewalapp.com.  If they like what they see, they can subscribe to receive one question per area, per month sent to their phone, tablet or desktop computer. If they get eight questions correct, their certification will be extended by one year beyond the initial six month extension date. App users can continue to answer questions each month after getting eight per area correct to grow their knowledge.


For more information about the program, visit www.ASERenewalApp.com.

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