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Eugenio, Eugenio’s Ferrari Service


Eugenio, owner
Eugenio’s Ferrari Service
Glendora, CA


We use the Redline Detection Smoke Pro (see photo below) primarily to check for EVAP leaks. Modern cars monitor for gas tank vapor leakage and frequently log DTC code P0442. In order to determine if it’s a leak needing repair, or simply the owner had left the gas cap off, we first need to fill the tank with an inert smoke and pressurize it to 14 psi. The Smoke Pro works like a charm for this task (as you can see in the picture). The Smoke Pro is a must for any serious repair shop, especially in the Ferrari repair world. We’ve used it to check for manifold leaks and coolant chamber leaks as well.

Bridge Analyzer — 5 gas exhaust analyzer

Ferrari SD2 Tester

Innova OBD II Scanner

Matco Hand Tools

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