Dorman Releases 250 New Products in March

Dorman Releases 250 New Products in March

Dorman says the new product releases include more than 100 new-to-the-aftermarket parts.

Dorman Products, Inc. announced the release of 250 new auto parts, which it says includes more than 100 new-to-the-aftermarket parts that advance the company’s mission of giving repair professionals and vehicle owners greater freedom to fix a wide range of cars and trucks.

Dorman says it continues to provide consumers and service technicians aftermarket choices for common failures on millions of vehicles. This month’s new product releases include two Dorman OE FIX transmission control modules (609-031 and 609-032) remanufactured in the USA and designed to fit more than 1.6 million late-model Ford Fiesta and Focus cars. The original equipment TCM on these vehicles uses compliant pin connections for critical components. Over time and normal use, the connections can become loose and begin to fail, causing automatic transmission malfunctions. Dorman’s improved TCMs feature soldered connections on all critical component connections and 100% new seals to help prevent future corrosion.

Dorman’s adds its newest OE FIX fuel pump driver module (601-130) offers significant time savings and feature upgrades compared to the original equipment driver module on more than 1.2 million popular GM vehicles. When the factory module fails on certain Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC vehicles, the dealership’s replacement part requires expensive calibration and programming. This Dorman OE FIX replacement is pre-programmed for an easier and more predictable installation. It also features a thermal- and vibration-tested backing plate for greater resistance to corrosion and upgraded active electronic components for added reliability, the company says.

Extending coverage in all-in-one assemblies designed to save technicians labor time and money, a new windshield wiper motor and transmission assembly (602-225AS) is designed to fit 1.6+ million GM cars, offering technicians a complete replacement for the motor and the transmission/linkage as a unit, rather than troubleshooting and sourcing those parts individually.

Dorman is also introducing five new hard-to-find parts covering a combined total of more than five million GM, GMC, Ford and Ram cars and trucks. Those new products include an aftermarket-exclusive intercooler inlet hose (667-304) and two aftermarket-exclusive oil feed lines (667-526 and 625-837), along with a new air cooler line (667-311) and an air intercooler (918-967), adding to Dorman’s rapidly expanding coverage in those aftermarket part categories.

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