Direct Fit Catalytic Converters Features And Benefits

Direct Fit Catalytic Converters Features And Benefits

Four qualities stand out the most when looking at these catalytic converters. Sponsored by AP Emissions.


AP Emissions is an industry leader in clean air, and we look closely at our features and benefits, four qualities become clear. AP Emissions catalytic converters are clean by design, designed to fit, built to last, and we keep the light off. So let’s take a closer look at each of these qualities.

First up, we have “Clean By Design.” AP Emissions designs its own catalyst formulations, and loads its own bricks. Our robust and durable catalyst loading that is featured in our direct fit, Cali Coopers is formulated to work with every year, make, model, gross vehicle weight, and engine family that it’s cataloged for.

The second feature and benefit is that AP catalytic converters are designed to fit. AP Emissions catalytic converters designed to fit the applications that they are cataloged for. We test them on the actual vehicle to make sure that the part fits, and we include gaskets and hardware that make installation of breeze.

Our third feature in benefit is that they’re built to last. AP Emissions direct fit catalytic converters are made with stainless steel and a strong durable catalyst to ensure that they’re built to last.

Our fourth feature and benefit is that we keep the light off. Our 50,000 mile warranty on EPA converters is double the federally mandated warranty, and matches our carb catalytic converter warranty. As an industry leader in clean air, we stand behind our customers 100%.

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