Customer Leaves Without Paying, Employee Jumps Onto Vehicle's Roof
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Customer Leaves Without Paying, Employee Jumps Onto Vehicle’s Roof


How far would you go to make sure your customers paid their bill? Would you hop on the roof of a moving car? Well, that’s exactly what one body shop employee in Kansas City did to try and prevent a customer from driving off without paying.


You’ve got to read the full story at KCTV5 or watch the embedded news story below to get the full effect, but this type of thing doesn’t happen every day.

From KCTV5:

The employee said, in an attempt to stop the woman, he jumped on the SUV’s running board, but she continued driving. The man would manage to climb onto the roof during the wild ride.

About a mile away north and still hanging onto the SUV, the employee told police he called his boss and then 911 when they were near Truman Road and Cleveland Avenue. He said the woman drove on Interstate 70 where she weaved in and out of traffic. She would get off the interstate and end up in front of police headquarters at 1125 Locust Ave.


Oh and if that isn’t crazy enough, another car entered this story and, for some reason, started firing gun shots at the SUV. Like we said, check out the full story.


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