October 2019 Archives - Brake & Front End
Catalytic Converters: Efficiency Code Diagnostics

Understanding catalytic converter efficiency codes can be a long road to a happy customer or an expensive comeback.

The Future Of The Pothole

The pothole has always been the natural enemy of wheels, tires and the suspension. But with the rise of distracted drivers and autonomous driving cars, the common pothole becomes a more significant problem.

Raybestos Tech Tip: Low Brake Pedal From Bad Wheel Bearing

When a vehicle comes into a shop with a low or spongy brake pedal, what is your first thought? Chances are you think it is a problem in the hydraulic system. It could be a faulty master cylinder, a leak in the brake lines or a bad caliper.

KYB Tech Tip: Use The Supplied Nut

For production purposes and quality consistency, KYB may supply a special nut that matches the new mounting stud.

Mevotech Tech Tip: Directional Ball Joints

Some ball joints must be installed in a specific orientation to function correctly. These ball joints are designed to allow for a large amount of ball stud swing in the cross-car or side-to-side direction as the suspension travels up and down.

Anchor Industries Tech Tip: Engine Vibration

When engine vibration is noticeable at idle, especially with 4-cylinder, odd-fire V6 and diesel engines, it is most likely a sign that the mounts are worn or completely broken. These vibrations tend to worsen when the A/C compressor is engaged.

ADVICS Tech Tip: Proper Master Cylinder Installation

Ensure that mounting areas of the master cylinder and the pipe joints are free of damage and debris. Fluid leakage and improper hydraulic pressure may cause brake failure.

Undercar Reflash: Stop Waiting, Wondering

If you think reflashing and reprogramming is just an underhood or emissions exercise, you are wrong. Many of these updates concern the ABS and Stability Control associated systems that do not involve engine operation, but need information from other modules to function.

Chrysler Fiat TPMS: Auto Learn Headaches

Chrysler was one of the first manufacturers to use a TPMS relearn procedure that does not require a tool or special process. Just drive the vehicle for a minimum of five minutes (10-minute minimum for some RAM trucks) at speeds above 15 mph. Easy? It can be a simple procedure.

Active Suspension Systems: Diagnosing Electronic Shocks And Struts

We’ve all heard the term “Active Suspension,” but a shock or strut doesn’t really go anywhere – so what makes it “active?” To meet the criteria for active, a shock or strut must be able to react to three critical streams of information.

Solving Electronic Control Problems In Today’s Automatic Transmissions

Troubleshooting an automatic transmission can be one of the most intimidating diagnostic procedures a shop faces today. The first reaction is often “We don’t do that type of work” – when, in reality, there is real profit in performing drivetrain diagnostics and “in-the-car” repairs.

Ford Flex 2013-2019 Alignment Spec

The normal alignment is changing. Control arms can still bend and bushings can degrade, causing the camber, caster and toe to change. But, modern cars not only need the angles to be in the green, but they also need to have the sensors calibrated.