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Tire Tread Wear: Causes And Symptoms

Tire tread wear can tell you a lot about what is wrong with a car’s suspension. Here are the most common tread wear patterns and what causes them.

BRAKELIGHT: November 1945

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1940 guaranteed that mechanics returning from the service with an honorable discharge could go back to their old jobs at the same wage. Many more soldiers were trained in the armed forces to work on trucks, cars and planes, and came back to open shops of

How To Prime Twin Tube Shocks And Struts

Light-vehicle twin tube shocks and struts are misdiagnosed as faulty when removed from the box for installation. This is a normal occurrence and the shock will function properly once it has been primed.

Brake Light On Diagnostics

The customer states the red brake light is illuminated on the instrument cluster and the tachometer and speedometer will intermittently not work. After confirming the customer’s concern, removed the center console, inspected the emergency brake switch, and found when the emergency brake was pulled up, the tachometer became unresponsive.

Water And Debris Cause Bearing Damage

Although inadequate lubrication can be classified into eight basic categories, two of those causes – water contamination and debris contamination – can be particularly attributed to bearing damage. The main common type of bearing damage with moisture/water exposure is rusting, pitting and corrosion – a condition known as “etching.”

How New Technologies Impact ABS Systems and Chassis Service

I’m sure you have all been to an ABS systems class where you’ve heard that the base brake system must be operating as designed in order for ABS systems to work properly. This is true, but many still perform brake service in the same way they always have.

Anti lock brake system
Toyota RAV4 Alignment

If you get a Toyota RAV4 in your shop, it is what you do after you adjust the angles that can make or break the alignment. Keep reading for details.