November 2016 Archives - Brake & Front End
Tips For Winter TPMS Service

The installation of snow tires can throw a monkey wrench into your service opportunities this winter if you’re not accustomed to dealing with TPMS.

Variable Assist Power Steering Diagnostics

During the past 20 years, steering feel is one of the most researched and engineered aspects of any vehicle. To get the feel just right, OEMs are using a combination of old and new technologies that can also help to make the engine more efficient.

Scrub Radius And Alignments

Big rims or tires can look good and give a vehicle a unique appearance. But it’s what you can’t see that can become really ugly, especially if the alignment and suspension angles have become altered in the installation process.

DTV Pulsation and BTV Judder Differences

Looking at the big picture of the measurements, vehicle and driver together is the only way to solve a customer complaint when it comes to brakes. Having the knowledge of what is happening between the rotor, pad and caliper is also key.

Booster Failure From Rich-Running Engine

A rich-running engine due to improper fuel management causes excess gas or gasoline fumes to enter the booster, thus destroying the diaphragm.

Tech Tip: Bleeding Brakes Manually

At times, we need to remember to go back to basic, old-fashioned procedures to solve an issue. This was the case on a GMC pickup in which a technician couldn’t get the brakes bled after replacing the lines.

Regenerative Braking Service

Regenerative braking is nothing new, it’s been around just about as long as there have been electric trolley cars and electric trains. The difference is that the car industry has only recently adopted a regenerative braking system for itself.

Hyundai Tech Tip: Rear Brake Squeak On Application

If a vehicle exhibits a squeaking noise originating from the rear disc brakes when applying the brakes, replace the rear brake pads.

Proper Pinion Seal Installation

Pinion seal maintenance recommendations vary by manufacturer. Generally these seals must be replaced when leaks develop. Pinion seals should be checked and replaced whenever servicing a universal joint.

Vehicle Service Life: A Paradigm Shift

Currently, there are about one billion cars on the planet. If folks continue to buy and own cars as they do now, it will take two billion cars to keep up with projected growth and mobility needs. The problem is there is no room to park two billion cars if you still want open roads to drive them on.

TPMS Sensor Service Kits: Safety Is No. 1 Priority

A valve stem is a critical safety component that keeps air in the tires. It is exposed to extreme forces, corrosive chemicals and the heat generated by the brakes. Not replacing the TPMS sensor service kit when the tire is removed from the rim can create a sensor issue.

Jump On The Telematics Train With Me

All of us need to start paying attention to the opportunity provided by telematics. At least be certain it’s on your radar screen. Start to identify the potential impacts telematics may have on your business.