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Audi Tech Tip: All-Wheel-Drive Coupling Is Stuck On Or Doesn’t Engage, And No Faults Are Stored

Customer may report that the vehicle is binding when cornering with full steering wheel turn; the four-wheel drive does not work; when driving slowly and turning the steering wheel strongly, the vehicle shudders; or the front wheels break traction with aggressive acceleration from a stop.

Honesty And Education: Is Giving Hope Your Crutch Behind The Service Counter?

Everybody likes to have hope. It could be hope that a check engine light goes off on the next key cycle, or you will never lose someone you love. But in some cases, a little bit of hope can be more painful than a dose of honesty and experience.

Parking Brake Diagnostics, Repair And Maintenance

The parking or emergency brake has to perform two distinct jobs. First, it must be able to hold the vehicle on an incline. Second, it must be able to stop a vehicle under a specific distance if the hydraulic brakes have failed. These standards are set by the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the kicker is these standards must be met with the force applied by a little old lady. But, over time, the cables can stretch and the friction materials change their length and thickness, which is why adjustments to the system are required.

Steering And Suspension Inspection: Keeping The Angles In Line With Ackermann

Most people consider the common tire rod to be low tech. But, when you consider how front suspensions have evolved from straight axles to independent designs, the tie rod has had to adapt to new angles and geometry.

Strategy Of TPMS Diagnostics

The first step in any TPMS diagnostic strategy is to figure out whether or not your customer’s vehicle actually has a TPMS problem. Why? Simply put, there are a number of factors that can cause a TPMS warning light to illuminate or flash – and some are hard to uncover.

ASE Test Prep: Passing The X1

Understanding the relationship between the exhaust system and engine is important when preparing to take the ASE X1 certification test.

How Long Should A Brake Job Last?

All shops want to see a customer again, but not for a brake comeback. What is the magic number of miles that can separate a comeback from a service situation? In my opinion, the minimum is 12,000 miles. Even installing new friction, rotors and calipers will not ensure a long-lasting brake job. The long-lasting brake job is a process.

2005-’12 Toyota Avalon Brake Job

In 2005, Toyota’s Avalon underwent a redesign of its third-generation model, which was larger than previous versions and much sleeker. The Avalon came in four trim levels: the standard XL, Touring, XLS and Limited. The XL included 16″ alloy wheels, while other trims came with larger 17″ wheels.