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BRAKELIGHT: BFE Sponsors Soapbox Derby

In the summer of 2013, Brake & Front End sponsored a soapbox derby car for the National Super Kids Classic. Held in conjunction with the All American Soapbox Derby, the National Super Kids Classic is for disabled children to race at one of the most iconic American sporting events. Sponsoring a racecar or sports team can

ASE A5 Test Prep: Brake Pulsation And Runout

Being able to diagnose and solve brake rotor pulsation problems is critical to passing the ASE A5 exam for brakes. Pulsation and brake performance problems may not seem to be the most difficult, but they often cause the most headaches for technicians. Below are sample questions based on the A5 task list, written by the editors

Measuring runout
The Unseen Cycles Of A Shock Or Strut

A worn shock or strut might look exactly the same as a fully functioning strut. Why? It’s what’s inside that matters. Sure, all of the usual visual clues like leaks, bent rods and bottoming out marks still matter, but it is the millions of cycles a ride control component will have to endure during its

Brake Edge Code Updates Explained

Notice anything different about those edge codes on that set of brake pads you just ordered? If you haven’t yet, you will. Here’s the deal: Brake friction formulations are now covered by new regulations in California and Washington, which require the phase out of copper and other metals potentially harmful to the environment. As a