March 2021 Archives - Brake & Front End
Learning How To Grow Your Shop Through Crisis

Some shops thrived over the past tumultuous year, proof that you can grow your shop, no matter what.

The Case Of The Shrinking Air Gap

The process of finding and diagnosing real-world challenges can be more educational than expected.

TPMS In the Modern Age – How OEs Make Service Difficult

OE manufacturers have developed technologies to protect many vehicle networks from unauthorized access.

Reflashing Considerations For Chassis Repairs

Even today’s steering systems aren’t excluded from reflashing procedures – doing it wrong can be catastrophic.

Up On The Roof How To Plan For What You Can’t Plan For

When unexpected things upend your day, do you have a backup plan for when it all hits the fan?

Beating The Drum For Drum Brake Systems

With some understanding of drum brake systems, any technician can handle servicing them with relative ease.

Is Menu Pricing Your Crutch?

Let’s be honest: Menus listing prices almost never solve customers’ real problems.

Ride Control Options

Under normal conditions on a smooth road, shocks and struts stroke an average of 1,750 times for every mile traveled.