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Active Ride Control Diagnostics

The key to servicing these systems is having proper information.

Hyundai Elantra Alignment Specifications

The fifth-generation platform of the Hyundai Elantra has a lot in common with the other current Kia and Hyundai models. The simple architecture of a MacPherson strut front suspension and rear twist beam axle is starting to become standard on all small and mid-sized offerings.

hyundai elantra alignment
Car Diagnostics And Testing: Proper Shop Procedures

Close isn’t good enough if you want to establish credibility in your local market. Today’s professional technician can’t just grab a component hanging from a branch of the proverbial parts tree and see if that will fix the problem. It requires a diligent effort of testing and diagnostic time to analyze the maze of electronic data.

GM: Intermittent Check Engine Light, DTC P2138 With Reduced Engine Power

Some customers may comment on an intermittent malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) being illuminated with a message or an indicator that displays Reduced Engine Power. The technician may observe on a scan tool DTC P2138 – Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor 1-2 Correlation set as Current or in History.

Checking Catalytic Converter Efficiency

Almost every part on the engine determines how long a catalytic converter will last. It could be a faulty line of computer code that pulses an injector too long, or it could be a stuck piston ring that allows oil to be sucked into the combustion chamber. These little details can limit the life of a catalytic converter.

Volkswagen: Automatic Transmission Fluid Requirements

In response to multiple dealership inquires about aftermarket universal (one fluid fits all) automatic transmission fluids and transmission flushing, Volkswagen Group of America, Volkswagen Canada have prepared a statement.

TPMS Sensor Battery: Dead Sensors Cause Other Problems, Too

During the initial TPMS phase-in, many warned about what sounded like an impending crisis. It was the “tire guy’s apocalypse,” which sounds dramatic, but that’s the way I remember the situation being characterized. There was worry and paranoia from all sides. Some companies undoubtedly saw it as a marketing opportunity, and helped perpetuate some of the fear and anxiety. The gist I got from the marketing I saw was that changing tires would, as we knew it, never be the same.

tpms sensor battery featured
85th Anniversary Of Brake & Front End

The March issue marks the 85th anniversary of Brake & Front End and is the 1,020th consecutive issue of this magazine that has hit shops without missing a single issue. It also marks Andrew Markel’s 16th year working on the magazine.

Vehicles and Cyber-Security: The Secret Handshake

There are a few folks who are making the future instead of trying to predict it. Donny Seyfer had an opportunity to talk with one of them. His insights will help us understand the complexity of rethinking an industry from the inside out.

Brake Shims: How To Control Brake Noise

Brake shims are not designed for adjusting spacing and distance between friction material and the rotor. Shims provide multifunction noise control as a component attached to the friction pad backing plate. A quality brake shim can prevent brake noise during the entire life of the brake job and will not dry out or be displaced over time like some lubricants. But remember, a shim does not do its job if it is left in the box.

Chrysler 200: Steering Wheel Vibration Diagnostic Procedure

If steering wheel vibration occurs in a customer’s Chrysler 200, use this tech tip to inspect the issue visually, through a road test, and by verifying wheel and tire balance.

Ball Joints: Greasable And Sealed

One of the most frequent questions from customers is in regards to the availability of “greasable” chassis parts. Sealed-for-life components are very common at the OEM level, but many technicians have a definite preference for aftermarket greasable components. This poses the question: If greasable suspension joints are so popular, why don’t many modern suspensions have grease fittings anymore?

ball joint featured