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Power Steering Dynamics And Diagnostics

Twenty-five years ago, when the power steering failed, diagnosing the system was easy. The most difficult problem to diagnose was the “morning sickness” that plagued some vehicles when they were cold. Today, the introduction of speed sensitive steering, electric power steering and computer controls have made power steering diagnostics more demanding.

electric power steering

This headline was a little deceptive and sensational. In 1921, the U.S. government started keeping track of road fatalities. By 1945, the total had crossed the 600,000 fatalities mark. U.S. casualties in WWII were around 420,000 by May 1945. Brakes were critical to the war effort. A properly functioning brake system could save fuel by

Inside Replacement Sensors: Direct, Programmable and Universal

To understand any replacement sensor, you have to understand this: Sensors only transmit, they do not receive when they are on a vehicle. No vehicle asks a sensor, “How’s it going.” The sensor just transmits. The vehicle is looking for a sensor ID number that corresponds with the one programmed into the module and then

Ford TPMS sensor