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Honda Fit Tech Tip: TPMS Indicator Is On With VSA DTC C0077-78

The low tire pressure/TPMS indicator is on with VSA DTC C0077 or C0078 (low tire pressure threshold refinement). If the tires are inflated to the pressure listed on the doorjamb label, the vehicle has likely been driven up or down steady grades. The cause of the code and light is the TPMS software may not be properly adapted to driving up or down steady grades.

GM Tech Tip: Car With Wide And Low Aspect Ratio Tires Pulls, Wanders Or Tramlines

Some customers may comment their vehicle has a tendency to pull left or right depending on road conditions. Typical descriptions may refer to the vehicle not tracking properly or that the car wanders.

GM Tech Tip: Grade Braking In Normal Mode

Starting with some 2013 models, Powertrain Grade Braking is now enabled while in Normal Mode (Tow/Haul mode OFF), along with a new driver information center (DIC) message “GRADE BRAKING ON” or “GRADE BRAKING ACTIVE” when it goes active for the first time.

Mazda Tech Tip: Whining Noise From Automatic Transaxle

Some customers may complain of a whining noise from the automatic transaxle when driving at 10 mph and above. The noise depends on the vehicle’s speed (the more speed, the more noise). The noise also occurs with all types of driving (acceleration, deceleration and steady speed).

Understanding Today’s Performance Brake Components

The first question to ask yourself and the customer is what does brake performance mean and how does it apply to their vehicle? A driver’s expectations can vary depending on their experience and how much propaganda they have absorbed.

2004-2013 Mazda3 Brake Job

The 2004-2013 Mazda3 is based on the Ford global C1 platform, shared with the European Ford Focus and Volvo S40. Nothing is really groundbreaking about the mechanical brake system, but not paying attention to the details can end in a post-brake-job comeback.

TPMS: 2011 Toyota RAV4

TPMS relearns for the 2011 Toyota RAV4 are fairly straightforward and simple. The RAV4 doesn’t have a reset button underneath the dash or within the glove box, meaning technicians don’t have to worry about getting a TPMS relearn malfunction due to the vehicle’s ECU closed loop. This also means that in order to successfully service the RAV4’s TPMS, a shop needs a dedicated TPMS scan tool.

Torque-To-Yield Suspension Components

Despite what you may believe about the properties of metal, bolts are actually elastic. It’s not quite Stretch Armstrong dramatic, but when you tighten a critical bolt to specs, you’re actually pulling it beyond its original length. Based on the quality of steel used in the fastener, the diameter of the fastener and how far you stretch it, the load or force applied to the joint (the two pieces being fastened together) changes.

Brake Bias: The Next Move Is Yours

Our crack research team at Babcox Media recently completed an annual readership study of shops that subscribe to Brake & Front End magazine. “Finding and hiring qualified technicians” ranked as a key concern by 59% of survey respondents, said Editorial Director Doug Kaufman.

Hyundai Tech Tip: Rear Brake Squeak On Application

If a vehicle exhibits a squeaking noise originating from the rear disc brakes when applying the brakes, follow the repair procedure outlined in this Tech Tip to correct this condition.

Brake Lubricants: Keeping Brakes Moving

Brakes are the hottest components on a vehicle and they need lubricants that can stand up to the heat. With inconsistent temperatures, brake lubricant also needs to work at sub-zero as well as scorching temperatures.

Transmission Fluid: Just Because It’s Red Doesn’t Mean It’s The Same

Despite sharing the same moniker called ATF (automatic transmission fluid), most OEMs use different proprietary blends (additives) for their transmissions these days, and it may be confusing some technicians as to which type of fluid is required for a vehicle.