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Oil Consumption On Manual Transmission Acura Vehicles

In this updated TSB from 2013, Acura discusses how some 2011-‘13 TSX models with manual transmissions can develop an oil consumption problem. The TSB states: “If you do not see any other factors contributing to oil consumption, consider engine braking as the possible cause.”

Ride Control: 15 Tips To Sell The Job And Do It Right

The customer will not be happy if he brought the car in for a knocking noise, was sold a couple hundred dollars worth of struts and/or ball joints, etc., and the noise is still there. If he then takes the car elsewhere and the knocking noise is fixed with a couple of $20 sway bar bushings, that guy is going to think he got beat. This underscores the importance of addressing the customer’s complaint before that vehicle leaves your shop.

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Power Steering: To Flush Or Not To Flush?

When a repair is made on a power steering system, there’s a chance that metal shavings can enter the system. This can lead to premature failure of the rack and cause a costly comeback.

Audi Start-Stop System Information

This informational TSB applies to Audi vehicles with a start/stop system. The start/stop system allows automatic engine stops and starts. Although the driver expects it, the engine may not automatically be switched off due to many different factors.

TPMS Sensor Service And Installation

Most TPMS sensors are held in using just a screw or a nut, but if not assembled or torqued properly, the results can be catastrophic. Carelessness can result in a broken sensor or even a customer being stranded with a flat tire.

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Preparing New Brake Rotors For Installation

New rotors, either OE or aftermarket, are supposed to be finished to specifications and ready to install out of the box. There should be no reason to give them a “clean up” cut. If there is one, you need to find a different rotor supplier.

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How Long Is A Labor Hour?

Even with all of the technically advanced diagnostic tools professional technicians have at their disposal, there are still people who can’t understand why diagnostic time should be included in the labor estimate, even though it’s not part of the R&R for the component.

Brake Pad Smells And Comebacks

If you have worked on brakes or pushed brakes past their limit, you know how they tend to smell. Some people like the smell, but most do not. Most drivers may not know much about their vehicles, but they know when something does not smell right.

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Aluminum Caliper Service

If the engineers of a vehicle decided to use aluminum for the body of the calipers, they were probably more focused on performance than they were on the cost to manufacture. Aluminum calipers enhance the performance of a vehicle by reducing what they call un-sprung weight, which helps acceleration and handling.

aluminum caplier service
Alignment Angles Provide First-Hand Clues

A vehicle comes in with abnormal wear on a front tire. It looks like camber wear. One shoulder is badly worn, but the other front tire appears to be OK. You put it on your alignment machine and check camber and toe. Sure enough, camber on the wheel with the worn tire is out of specifications.

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Steering Angle Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are you will never crack open a steering angle sensor (SAS) cluster to repair it. But, this sensor should not be a mystery. To be effective at ABS and stability control diagnostics, knowing how sensors measure angles and information is critical.

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Steering Clear Of The Downsides Of New Vehicle Technology

Driver distraction is one of the biggest factors contributing to the large number of vehicle crashes on the roads today. With more and more distractions coming to the center stack, how can anyone be expected to focus on driving? Regarding this issue, I think that the lobby for cellular companies has prevailed to the detriment of its customers.

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