June 2016 Archives - Brake & Front End
Brake Dragging Condition After Master Cylinder Replacement

Certain vehicles will exhibit a brake dragging or locking up condition once warmed up after master cylinder replacement. This is most likely due to the pedal mechanism or booster pushrod keeping the master cylinder slightly applied, impeding the capability of the master cylinder to allow expanding fluid back into the reservoir as the fluid warms up.

Mitsubishi Tech Tip: Ringing Noise From Front Brakes

Customers may complain of a high-pitch noise from the front brakes during a low-speed light brake application. Refer to the following repair procedure to solve this noise complaint.

WRAF Sensors: How They Work

Wideband or Wide Range Air Fuel (WRAF) sensors don’t generate a voltage signal like common zirconia oxygen sensors. An ordinary oxygen sensor produces a voltage signal of 0.8 to 0.9 volts when the air/fuel mixture is rich, then drops to 0.3 volts or less when the air/fuel mixture goes lean.

CARS And NACE: Training You Can’t Afford To Miss

CARS is no longer a training event. It is now an informational, strategic planning and networking event unlike any other. While there are classes, they have been restructured with a new model in mind.

Honda Insight Brake Job

The Honda Insight might be a rare bird when compared to the Civic or Accord, but it is like all vehicles in that it wears out brake pads, shoes and rotors. Thankfully, servicing the brakes on the Insight does not require dealing with the high-voltage hybrid system.

Will New Overtime Laws Hurt Shops?

It’s the shop owner’s dilemma: Your shop gets flooded with an unexpected onslaught of cars early in the day. It’s getting late, but you can’t quite close because you want to appease the customer who “really needs the car back ASAP.”

GM Tech Tip: Slap Or Clunk From Rear Leaf Spring

Some customers may comment on a rear leaf spring “slap” or “clunk” noise. This noise is most apparent when the vehicle is operated over irregular road surfaces. The rear leaf spring tip inserts may have broken apart from wear and fallen out, or may be severely worn or damaged.

High-Performance Brake Jobs

Brake jobs are a good source of parts and labor income for shops. When brakes wear out, most motorists just want you to fix the problem and restore their brakes to like-new condition with OE-equivalent replacement parts. But in some situations, there may be an opportunity to sell your customer on the benefits of upgrading certain brake components.

Reflash Confusion

According to J.D. Power, 189 recalls and more than 800 TSBs have been issued concerning reflashing or reprogramming over the past five years. These numbers do not include the random updates that seem to appear out of thin air on the OE service information websites. Some of us may see this as a problem. But, we should see this as an opportunity.

Why Does It Happen?

There are so many questions that need to be answered in our business. Some can be answered with a little background in engineering or technical information. Some can only be answered after a few visits with your local shrink. Other questions are just left in limbo for eternity.

Weak Or No Booster Assist Due To Vac Hose Problems

When power assist ability is weak or non-existent, there could be a deficiency in vacuum volume to operate the booster at its highest level.

The Total Suspension Upgrade: Performance Meets Balance

Installing performance suspension components can be a deal with the devil when it comes to creating a vehicle that the customer can live with every day or, at least, on the way to the track or car show. The secret with this job is building the total package that optimizes the chassis, springs and ride control components.