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Stopping Brake Noise

Squeals, groans, creaks and chatters are all noises nobody wants to hear when they apply their brakes. Whether a vehicle is brand new or one that is 10 years old with 120,000 miles on the odometer, most people today expect their brakes to be quiet and not squeal, groan or howl in protest every time the vehicle comes to a halt.

State Vehicle Inspection: Something Needs To Change

While everybody can agree vehicle inspections are good in theory, no one can agree on the execution of a state vehicle safety or emissions inspection program. It is always a compromise between who is picking up the tab and if it is an election year.

Change Your Mind When It Comes To Rotors and Pulsation Comebacks

How do you handle a pulsation or comeback? Blame the pads? The driver? Defective rotor? When you point your finger at these items, there are three fingers pointing back at YOU. How much stock do you put into these common shop myths about brake rotors?