July 2019 Archives - Brake & Front End
Toyota Tech Tip: ‘Check Brake System’ Displayed At Startup

An updated skid control ECU logic is now available to address this concern.

Dodge Tech Tip: Toe Adjustment With Welded Drag Link

This bulletin involves an updated procedure on how to adjust the toe on a vehicle after it has undergone the V06 recall (repair to the outboard steering linkage jam nut that could loosen allowing one end of the drag link to separate from the adjuster sleeve).

Nissan Tech Tip: Abnormal Noise From Front Engine Mount

A two-piece design front engine mount is currently being used for the vehicle applications listed in this Tech Tip. A single thunk noise may be heard during the first few accelerations of the day from this type of mount, and is considered normal operation.

GM Tech Tip: Squeaking Noise From The Vehicle Underbody

Some customers may comment that a squeaking noise can be heard from under the vehicle while driving at low speeds.

0W16 Versus 0W20 Oil

The big question among shops is how can four points on the viscosity rating change the performance and longevity of the engine? This is data that is difficult to come by, much less evaluate.

Composite Rotors: Can They Be Serviced?

When you hear the words “composite rotor,” you might think of a racecar brake rotor with Allen head bolts holding the hat to the outer ring. But, more economical and robust “semi-floating” rotors have made it onto import and domestic vehicles.

Air Ride Diagnostics: Dodge Ram 1500

The secret to diagnosing problems comes down to knowing what criteria the system uses to regulate the compressor/reservoir and having a scan tool that can interpret the information.

Add Pre-Trip Auto Care To Customers’ Summer Road Trip Plans

Is your car road trip ready?

Windshield Wiper Blade Revival

The only way to know if your windshield wipers need replaced is by inspecting the blades when the car or truck is in your bay.

3 Top TPMS Tips

Tips you can implement quickly to increase customer loyalty and improve the overall profitability at your shop.

Post-Collision Alignment: Working All The Angles

Collisions with potholes, curbs and other vehicles are inevitable. While damage to the body is easy to spot, damage to the suspension and the safety systems can be challenging to detect.

EPS Steering Assist

Modern electric power steering (EPS) steering gears are inextricably linked with body and chassis control electronics, which is a very good reason for an alignment technician to develop a working relationship with a modern, enhanced scan tool.