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Upgrading Brake & Front End

Earlier this year, we upgraded Brake & Front End’s website. We completely redesigned the site to make it more mobile phone- and tablet-friendly. Now, it is easier than ever to view past and present digital issues of Brake & Front End, renew your subscription and find technical articles on the fly.

How Quick Fixes Can Lead to Long-Term Problems

Once in a while, some of these in-the-ditch repairs truly are born out of a roadside emergency, but I tend to believe that even these quick fixes could be avoided with a little bit of proper maintenance know-how. The problem is that some people like to tackle repair work themselves regardless of their repair acumen.

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Building Brake Lathe Labor Sales

Many automakers are putting more “meat” on rotors compared to just a decade ago. Also, OE ceramic brake formulations are minimizing rotor wear due to less aggressive formulations that transfer a layer of friction material to the rotor. This means that rotors are lasting longer and seeing two or more sets of pads.

Failed Brake Booster Seal Causes Master Cylinder Leak

Chronic master cylinder failure due to fluid leaking past secondary seal in the master cylinder bore. A defective master cylinder pushrod seal in the power brake booster allows vacuum to draw fluid past secondary seal of the master cylinder.

GM Tech Tip: Trailer Wiring Damages Body Control Module

GM cautions not to splice in trailer light wiring into the factory wiring harness when preparing for trailer towing on Acadias, Enclaves, Outlooks and Traverses. On these vehicles, the circuits for stop lamps/turn signals, tail lights and the lighting grounds are controlled through the Body Control Module (BCM).

Honda Accord With ABS Codes

This system will set codes when there is high resistance to the ground. Following the diagnostic tree in this case will have you replace the ABS modulator, when in most cases it can be repaired by cleaning the ground G203.

Brakelight (August 1952)

The “Pull a Wheel!” campaign from the 1940s and 1950s played a critical role in stressing the complete inspection of brake systems. Most vehicles of this period had drum brakes.

Why Charging More For Brake Jobs Keeps Customers Coming Back

Why is everyone chasing the cheapest brake service? It often seems that new-car dealers, chains and independent shops are locked in a race to the bottom when it comes to brake service.

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2009-2015 Toyota Venza Brake Job

The key to servicing the brakes on the Venza is to pay attention to the details like the lubricants and rotor dimensions. Also, you must realize that parts like the brake hardware and soft components like the guide pin boots have a limited lifespan.

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2011-2017 Buick Regal Alignment

If you get a Regal in your alignment bay, you could be dealing with several new technologies at once. Options and packages on the Regal can be difficult to define by the badging on the trunk. Visual confirmation may be needed and you may need to look up RPO codes.

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ABS Electronic Line Locks: Show Off Or Stupid?

Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler have taken the showroom track day car to the next level. These automakers have incorporated line lock modes into the software of their high-horsepower models. While this feature is intended for the drag strip, the reality is that it will be used at stoplights for burnouts.

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Preventing Low-Speed Pre-Ignition With The Right Oil

Selecting the correct type and weight of oil for a vehicle becomes more difficult every model year. Recently, many manufacturers have recommended specific oil grades that meet proprietary requirements.