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Customer Satisfaction: You Can’t Win Them All

When you start your own business, your initial goal is to make every customer happy. But as the years go on, you realize some people aren’t going to be happy no matter how good of a job you do.

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No-Burnish Brake Pads For Bay Efficiency

Many manufacturers require you to bed in brake pads after installation to ensure proper traction between the brake pad and rotor. This stop-and-go process, sometimes called “burnishing,” alters and usually increases the coefficient of friction between the rotor and pad to ensure stable braking power.

Runout And DTV: Decreasing Comebacks With Two Simple Tools

Even if you use new rotors, your chance of a pulsation comeback could be greater than if you left the old rotors on the vehicle. Runout in the hub and new rotor can stack up to cause disc thickness variation (DTV) in a few thousand miles. DTV is the main cause of pulsation.

2007-2013 GM Full-Sized Truck (GMT900) Brake Job

The GMT900 debuted in 2007 and came standard with ABS and stability control. Keep reading for best practices for performing brake jobs on GM’s GMT900.

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