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Mini Cooper: False ‘Brake Service Due’ Message

The yellow “Service Due” warning message lights up in the instrument cluster, even though the brake pad thickness is more than 4.2 mm (above the thickness at which the pad sensor intervenes). The calculated remaining service life for the brake pads (front and/or rear axle) from the CBS data does not match the actual brake pad thickness.

Mini Cooper alignment
Send Us Your Winter Beater!

The more unique the car, the better. An all-wheel-drive Chrysler minivan from the 1990s is the Bentley of winter beaters. A Saturn is a good choice, but they might be too common for some. There are also those crazy choices that showcase the driver’s skills and tolerance to adversity, like a Pontiac Fiero, Mazda Miata or Mercury Capri convertible.

Dodge Stratus: Automatic Transmission Fluid Usage ATF+4

ATF+4 is being used as factory fill for Chrysler Group automatic transmissions. Mopar ATF+4 has exceptional durability. However, the red dye used in ATF+4 is not permanent; as the fluid ages, it may become darker or appear brown in color. ATF+4 also has a unique odor that may change with age. With ATF+4 fluid, color and odor are no longer indicators of fluid condition and do not necessarily support a fluid change.

Servicing Wheel Bearings & Wheel Speed Sensors

If you are replacing a wheel bearing on a late-model vehicle, you’ll be dealing with a wheel speed sensor. In the past decade, wheel speed sensors have been moving from differentials, axles and knuckles to inside or on the wheel bearing or hub unit. At this location, the sensors are more accurate and often more protected from the elements.