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Alignment Specs: 2011-2015 Chevy Cruze

The Chevy Cruze debuted as the replacement for the Cobalt. On the outside and under the hood, the Cruze is a big upgrade from the Cobalt. Underneath, however, the two cars have similar setups. In the six years the Cruze has been on the road, it has proven to be a reliable vehicle for the most part, but it has had some suspension issues.

2003-2010 VW Touareg Air Ride Suspension Repair And Diagnostics

This is a full-feature air ride system designed to improve comfort, stability and off-road capabilities. Some vehicles with the 4XMotion option will also have a sway bar that can be decoupled to increase wheel travel. The struts have active dampeners that control compression and rebound. The driver can also control the height.

Alignment Specs: Buick LaCrosse, Chevy Impala And Pontiac Grand Prix

The 2004-’13 GM W-Platform represents the evolution of the GM mid/full-sized front-wheel-drive car. The W-Platform includes best sellers like the 2004-’13 Chevy Impala, 2006-’07 Chevy Monte Carlo, 2004-’08 Pontiac Grand Prix and 2005-’09 Buick LaCrosse. These are “bread and butter” vehicles for every shop. This generation of vehicles is solid and easy to work on. Gone are the quirks of previous generations.

The Race of Two Worlds: 1971 Questor Grand Prix

BRAKE & FRONT END, March 1971: In 1971, Formula 5000 in the U.S. was a direct rival to Europe’s Formula One. The Questor Grand Prix pitted the purpose-built 3.0L racing engines against 5.0L stock-block pushrod engines in very similar chassis. This non-championship race attracted 38 cars due the generous prize money.

Curing Brake Pulsation And Judder Complaints Starts With The Customer

There is one golden question every service writer must ask the customer before recommending any brake service: “What difference have you noticed in your brakes recently?” This question does not lead the customer down any path, but forces them to explain how their brakes feel, sound and perform.

Brake Job: Jeep Cherokee (KL) Rear Brake Pad Replacement

To remove and replace the rear brake pads or rotors, the electronic parking brake actuator must be retracted before removing the caliper assembly.

TPMS Service Kits: Key To TPMS Maintenance

Anytime a tire is removed from the rim of a vehicle, a new TPMS kit must be installed. The existing sensor kit could be brand new or years old, but every tire removal should include the replacement of TPMS sensor kit.

R1234yf: Smaller Footprint, New Diagnostics

The benefit of R1234yf is simple. The new refrigerant lasts only 11 days in the atmosphere compared to 13 years for R134a. This is why the EPA is requiring R1234yf to be installed in all new systems by 2021.

r1234yf featured