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BRAKELIGHT: Gone Vanning (March 1979)

In the 1970s, “Vanning” was a trend that no one could really explain. Most early vans were all about the interior that was usually covered in shag carpet. By the end of the decade, vanners wanted more. The answer was to put a 4×4 drivetrain on a van and go off road. By 1981, vanning

Shocks and Struts: A Crucial Part of the Electronic Equation

When a vehicle’s ABS or stability control is really needed, how well it works is directly related to the tire’s contact patch. If the tire does not have traction, any type of electronic intervention or driving skill will not bring the car back under control. During a panic stop, weight transfers to the front tires,

shocks and struts
Stop the ‘Warped’ Rotors Myth and Service Brakes the Right Way

Myths take hold ­because either A) they seem completely logical or B) they are so often repeated that they just become common knowledge. The warped rotor myth is a little bit of both. A rotor that contributed to a pulsation condition certainly appears “warped.” Plus, everyone says it — even technicians that know the rotor

brake rotor runout
TPMS Updates: From Reflashes to Refills

Tire pressure monitoring system technology isn’t “new” in the sense that some form of TPMS has been around since the mid 2000s, but these systems are still evolving as manufacturers update their functionality and work out kinks discovered over time. Here are some of the most recent technical service bulletins issued by OEs concerning TPMS

TPMS service bulletins