August 2019 Archives - Brake & Front End
White Calipers, Deep Pockets

The Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSCB) has a hardened tungsten carbide coating and specially developed brake pads to improve performance and reduce brake dust.

Tech Tip: Intensive Wheel Hub Cleaning ProcessĀ 

Recently, we had a Jeep Grand Cherokee in our shop for a brake job. Upon removing the rotor, we found one of the rustiest wheel hubs we have ever seen.

GM Tech Tip: Electronic Power Steering Gear Leaks

On GM vehicles with electric power steering starting in 2009, you may see grease or sealant on certain locations of the steering gear.

Toyota Sienna Alignment Service

When aligning this vehicle, there are three things you should know. First, a Sienna with stability control will require a recalibration of the steering angle sensor. Second, rear tire wear can be a problem on some AWD Siennas. Third, measure the ride height before trying to correct a front caster problem.

Brake Job: 2015-Current Chevy Trax, Buick Encore

The Chevy Trax and Buick Encore are considered sub-compact crossovers based on a car platform. The platform GM chose was the Gamma platform used for the Aveo and Sonic.

Consulting On Coilover Conversions

There are several ways to restore and upgrade a suspension. Engineers spend a lot of time tuning the springs and valving of the suspension to give an acceptable ride and handling characteristics to a broad audience.

Wheel Bearing Technology: Don’t Become Complacent

Wheel bearings are changing because the vehicles they are attached to and the brake rotors located on the other side are evolving. This has changed the designs and specifications for most bearings.

10 Alignment Tips To Help You See Past The Angles

Suspension angles are dynamic. As the body moves, the camber, caster and toe will change in the front and rear. OEMs tune these angles for the best tire wear and stability at a set ride height. If a spring is weak or missing a coil, the alignment angles will be off from these calculations.

Like It Or Not: Vehicle Manufacturers Have Your Data

Most newer model vehicles collect data and send it wirelessly to the vehicle manufacturer.

Nissan TPMS Diagnostics And Service

Over the last decade, the behavior of all Nissan TPMS systems has been very consistent on all models.

Viewpoint: Keep Politics Local

It might feel like the daily news cycle is on overload. Between impeachment argumentation, mass shootings and war in the Middle East, you might feel overwhelmed. But by getting swept up in national arguments, you could be missing the most important news that could have the greatest impact on you – the local news, said Andrew Markel, director of content.