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Dumb Thoughts About Smart Cars

Only 2 percent of accidents are due to vehicle component failure of degradation.

Mazda Tech Tip: Vibration Felt Through The Floor/Seat/Steering Wheel

Some customers may complain about a vibration that is felt through the floor, seat and/or steering wheel while driving under moderate acceleration, at speeds of approximately 25-30 mph (40-50 km/h). The vibration is more noticeable when driving on smooth, flat roads.

Understanding Hyundai TPMS

Hyundai TPMS has an auto relearn function, but if a shop is initializing a sensor or doing a manual relearn, you will need a TPMS tool that can capture the sensor IDs and program them into the TPMS module.

Threadlockers: What You Need To Know

You might be seeing more blue, red and various other colors on the threads of bolts when working on suspension and brake components. OEMs put these threadlocking compounds there for a reason, and not servicing them could get you into trouble. To get the most out of this “liquid” tool, you first need to know how they work.

Alignment Specs: 2011-2018 Volkswagen Touareg

The Touareg is not your typical vehicle to align. It has a stability control system that needs a recalibration of the steering angle sensor if the toe front or rear is adjusted. On vehicles with air ride systems, lifting the vehicle for a repair requires that the vehicle lift mode must be activated. The vehicle lift mode switches the air suspension control off. This prevents readjusting of the air springs when the vehicle is lifted. Vehicle lift mode is automatically switched off at a speed above 3 mph.

Wideband Oxygen Sensors Vs. Narrowband: Understanding The Differences

Wideband air/fuel oxygen sensors may appear similar to conventional narrowband oxygen sensors, but there are quite a few differences that you need to be aware of to service vehicles with this new style sensor.

Understanding Customers And What They Think About Ride Control

The old proverb of “walk a mile in their shoes” applies to selling springs, shocks and struts. Your typical customer is not like you – their point of view is completely different. You have to understand what they know and what they value. You also need the patience to educate them on the importance of these critical automotive components.

Wheel Bearing Add-Ons

Wheel bearing service, no matter the design, can be a difficult job. There are new products and add-ons to the ticket that can give the customer a completely repaired vehicle.

Dodge Charger Brake Job: Seventh Generation (2011-Present)

Dodge Chargers have seen quite a range of sizes and platforms since the first generation muscle cars were built in the late ’60s. Since then, they have been built on three different platforms. The Charger name has been used on subcompact hatchbacks, full-sized sedans and luxury coupes.

Stick To The Facts: Dealer Stickers Should Be Banned

Recently, I purchased a used car at a new car dealer. It was not an unpleasant experience. I got to haggle, kick tires and I had an honest salesman. I walked out of the dealer with the car I wanted, at the right price, in under three hours. Two days later, I noticed a sticker on the door jamb while I was looking for the tire inflation pressures. At first, I thought it was an official warning about how to tow the vehicle. As I looked closer, I got a little angry because this type of sticker is very deceiving.