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Are You Ready For Amazon?

There are questions about Amazon’s ability to enter the repair space. But if Amazon is able to make repairs easier, the industry will find a place for them.

Public Relations In The Auto Repair Industry: Image Is Everything

Donny Seyfer is fighting to clean up the auto repair industry’s image by calling for a more focused approach to serving women.

Personal Preventive Maintenance: Don’t Let Work Get In The Way Of Life

Scott Weaver found out first hand that preventive maintenance doesn’t just apply to maintaining vehicles, it also has to do with protecting one’s health.

2009-2016 Dodge Ram Brake Job Specifications

The fourth generation Dodge Ram is probably one of the most trouble-free brake systems you’ll see. There are light- and heavy-duty brake packages. The light-duty package for the 1500 uses floating dual piston calipers in the front and single piston floating calipers in the rear.

2003-2007 Cadillac CTS Alignment Specifications

The first-generation Cadillac CTS was introduced in 2003 and ended production in the 2007 model year. The Cadillac CTS was built on GM’s rear-wheel-drive Sigma platform. The 2003-’07 CTS came with two suspension packages­ – standard and sport. The packages have two different alignment specifications.

Hyundai TPMS Guide

Most Hyundai vehicles use systems from Lear, TRW or Continental. These systems have an auto relearn function. But if you are initializing a sensor or doing a manual relearn, you will need a TPMS tool that can capture the sensor IDs and program them into the TPMS module.

Corrosion Science: Bang, Burn Or Spray

Corrosion and rust are nasty problems that make repairing a vehicle difficult. Corrosion is the product of an electrochemical reaction. In a vehicle’s case, between two dissimilar metals and an electrolyte – so, an alloy wheel, a steel bearing hub and saltwater, for example.

Electronic Power Steering: Better Than Hydraulic?

Diagnosing electric power steering systems requires an understanding of voltage, current and loads. Also, a technician must understand how the modules and sensors work together to determine the level of assist.

Wheel Bearings And Locking Hubs

Automatic hubs are used on many 4×4 trucks to disengage the front wheels when four-wheel drive is not needed. Disconnecting the front wheels reduces friction and may improve fuel economy as much as one mile per gallon depending on the vehicle. A one mpg difference may not sound like much, but every little bit helps.

Brakelight: August 1952

Chet’s in Long Beach, CA, is still in business 65 years after this article was printed in Brake & Front End. Chet spent $18,000 in 1952 to build the shop — the equivalent of $163,000 today.

Springs: The Foundation Of Stability

When a wheel reacts to a bump or body motion, the spring is compressed and then releases the energy. During this cycle, the steel of the spring will compress, and just a little bit of life is taken out of it. It’s not the amount of travel that matters, but the frequency of the cycles.

springs stability