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GM Power Steering Noise/Leaks

Some customers may comment that their vehicle is experiencing a power steering noise/whine or fluid leak from the power steering pump, gear or high-pressure power steering hose during extremely low outdoor temperature operation.

How To Test Drive A Car To Check For Problems

Test drives on the surface can seem like one of the most unprofitable tasks a technician can perform. But, test drives can be one of the most profitable processes a shop can do to help sell more service.

Electric Power Steering Diagnostics

Electric power steering is more energy efficient than hydraulic systems and does not provide assist until it receives driver input, but there are differences in the hydraulic and electric assist that will affect the driver’s and technician’s understanding of the component and its integration into the ESC and self-park system.

Rental Car Revelation

Andrew Markel, editor of Brake & Front End and Underhood Service, discusses life on the road behind the wheel of today’s rental cars.

Cheap Brake Pads

Selling cheap brake pads can help automotive technicians market their services, but what is the real cost of installing inferior quality brake pads?

2000-2010 Ford Focus Alignment Specs

The 2000-2010 Ford Focus is one of the most common cars on the road. Proper alignment of this vehicle takes knowledge of common problems with the platform to avoid premature tire wear.