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Inspecting, Repairing Power Steering Hoses

There’s a reason they failed. Can you properly inspect and repair them?

Why Do Modern Vehicles Require Precious Metal Spark Plugs?

Understanding modern ignition systems will help complete preventative engine maintenance during tune-ups.

How To Diagnose And Service GM AutoRide Rear Air Suspensions

There are three replacement options for this repair. Discuss with your customer the pros and cons of each option.

Understanding Subaru’s EyeSight System

EyeSight uses cameras mounted inside the car on the upper edge of the windshield.

Retrospective: Brake Service In Vintage Hollywood Style

In 1932, our editors made this Hollywood shop a star.

New Garage Gives Brake & Front End An Edge In 2020

Our brand new garage studio features latest auto technology to ensure our editorial is aligned with industry expectations.

Future Fantasy Not Nearly As Cool As Today’s Technology

Our industry has already seen the future and continues to find real solutions to today’s challenges and to those they’ll be facing soon.

Ford Mustang Alignment 2015-Current

The front suspension uses a MacPherson strut and two lower control links.

TPMS Tips And Tricks For Relearn Procedures

There are a few things you can do to ensure the TPMS relearning process is as efficient as possible.

Tesla Model S Brake Job

If you’re servicing the brakes or suspension system, you do not need fancy orange gloves or insulated tools.

Dogtracking? Bent Frame? Understanding The Thrust Angle

The thrust angle is one of the most important diagnostic angles during an alignment.