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Servicing Carbon-Ceramic Brakes

Ceramic or carbon fiber composite rotors are extremely durable.

Why Some Bearings Rarely Fail

No matter the type of bearing, they can fail for the same reasons.

Wheel Bearing Adjustment And Preload Procedures

Tapered roller bearings can carry a heavy load because of a larger contact patch between the rollers and races.

Brake Job: 2009-2014 Ford F-150

When you remove the rear rotors, inspect the ABS tone ring and the condition of the parking brake hardware.

Ford TPMS Service

All the systems are straightforward and common service procedures apply to most models.

Brake Fluid Service

Visual inspection of the fluid can be extremely misleading.

Tech Tip: Close-Coupled Converter And Engine Replacement

If an engine breakdown were to occur, debris may be deposited in the converter through engine exhaust ports.

Be Your Own Cable Guy

If you find damaged cables meeting any of these criteria, replace them immediately.

2007-2011 Ford Expedition And Navigator Air Suspension

The system levels the vehicle under loads and when a trailer is attached.

Top Alignment Tips

When doing your pre-alignment inspection, always check and set tire inflation pressures.

Wheel Bearings And Wheel Speed Sensors

A modern scan tool can graph the output of multiple wheel speed sensors on a test drive.

Brake Pad Environmental Update

The focus on tires and brake pads has come about because emissions coming from the tailpipe have been significantly reduced.