Cornwell Tools Introduces Premium TRMS Automotive DMM

Cornwell Tools Introduces Premium TRMS Automotive DMM

The new Rapid Auto Range function allows for an ultra-fast screen refresh rate.

Cornwell Tools introduces the CBPDM300 Premium Automotive DMM with Rapid Auto Range & Dual Impedance. Dual impedance (LoZ) allows both industrial and automotive applications in the one instrument.

The new Rapid Auto Range function allows for an ultra-fast screen refresh rate. In addition, CBPDM300 features True RMS accuracy for advanced troubleshooting on AC volts and amps.

Rapid Auto Range is a new function developed with feedback from technicians and dealers in the field, said the company. When measuring typical automotive circuits, the effective response rate is much quicker than typical auto ranging DMMs. Technicians will appreciate the quick refresh rate of displayed voltages.

This DMM is CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V approved; safe for use on hybrid/EV high-voltage circuits. It features a large LCD display with 40-segment analog bar graph and bright LED backlighting.

Other noteworthy features include Auto Power-Off and desirable 20-amp test range (fused). In addition, this model is waterproof to IP67 standards and if dropped in water, it floats. 

Technicians can use the MS Pulse Width function for measuring fuel injectors and actuators. The Frequency function can test crankshaft and camshaft sensors as well as MAF and MAP sensors. In addition, the duty cycle setting can be used to test feedback carburetors and idle air control motors.

On the industrial side, VFD low pass filter can be used to measure variable frequency drives. The previously mentioned LoZ function can test for ghost voltages on de-energized circuits.

CBPDM300 includes the following accessories: high-quality CATIII 1,000V approved test leads, K-type temperature probe, RPM pick-up, blowmold storage case, instructions and battery. The unit comes with one-year warranty. 

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