Contactless Payments – Keeping Us Together & Apart (VIDEO)

Contactless Payments – Keeping Us Together & Apart (VIDEO)

Contactless payments help you meet customers' expectations for convenience and safety. Sponsored by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

We all keep telling each other how important it is to come together – but sometimes, we just want to stay apart.

Consider this scenario: you’ve been shamed by your wife for letting the “Oil Change Required” light turn on in the car. Of course, she has been the one putting crazy miles on it lately, not you!

Still, you find yourself in line at the quick lube, hounded by the reminder light and warning tone. Hanging your head in shame as you drive into the bay, you notice the staff is masked up, maintaining safe distances.

Except for that one guy – as you crack the window to speak to the attendant about your needs you notice that his voice is cracking and nasally. With a degree of confidence in your diagnostic skills you think “He’s sick,” and roll the window most of the way up to limit your exposure.

He says, “Sorry. My allergies are acting up today,” and the interaction complete, you immediately roll up the window and check that all the rest are securely closed too. Secure in your environment, you watch the team complete the service.

Then he’s back, with the reminder sticker and a clipboard. Declining the sticker, you shout through the glass, “What do I owe?”

Suddenly – you panic. How can you pay? You have no cash, figuring you’d just hand over your card.

“I guess you want to pay using contactless payment too?” he asks perceptively.

As he holds up a device to one side of the window, you hold up your phone to the other. In less time than it takes to reset the oil change reminder, Apple Pay makes the transaction complete. You crack the rear window, giving him just enough room to slide your invoice through.

According to VISA, the use of contactless payments has grown over 150% since March of 2019. This rapid increase in use attributed to the pandemic and ensuing lockdown as people attempted to distance themselves from others. And though the systems aren’t really new, the systems have gotten more and more convenient, from Near Field Communications Systems to Text To Pay.

They’re secure too, for both the shop and the customer. The use of digital communications means that you can remain in contact with your customer wherever, whenever, and however it works most comfortably for them.

Remaining in closer communication by staying further apart? Unlike that receipt that will probably sit on floor of the back seat for a few days, contactless payments let you remain top of mind with your customers, no matter what type of service you offer.

I’m Doug Kaufman – thanks for spending a couple of minutes with me.

This video is sponsored by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

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