Cold Engine Stumble/DTC P0116/MIL ON

Cold Engine Stumble/DTC P0116/MIL ON

Some 2000-2002 Hyundai Accents with 1.5L SOHC and 1.6L DOHC engines may experience the following symptoms in hot and humid weather:

  • Slower than usual acceleration after an initial cold start (engine is cold soaked).

  • Greater than usual rpm drop when engaging drive or reverse (on ATM-equipped vehicles) after an initial cold start.

    Some 2002 1.6L Accents may turn on the Check Engine light and store diagnostic trouble code P0116 (Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Range/ Performance Problem) in the ECM. This code can be falsely set under certain driving conditions. Check the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor to make sure that it’s functioning properly. When the engine is cold soaked, the ECT and intake air temperature should read approximately the same temperature. When the engine is fully warmed-up, the ECT should read about 190

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