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CHRYSLER & JEEP: Compass/Patriot/Caliber Front Suspension Creak or Squeak When Cold


Untitled Document2011-’14 Compass/Patriot

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2011-’12 Caliber

Condition: The driver may describe creaking or squeaking noises coming from the front suspension. The noise is typically more noticeable during cold temperatures below 40°F. The noise may go away when the temperature warms up.

Cause: The front lower rear control arm bushing is making the noise.

Remedy: Lubricating the bushing with Nye synthetic lubricant (part number 05018626AA) will get rid of the noise. To access the rubber bushing, the control arm needs to be removed from the vehicle. With the control arm in a vise, insert a pry bar or socket wrench extension into the hole and move the bushing so the grease can be applied to the exposed surfaces.

Courtesy of Mitchell 1.

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