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Centric Parts Unveils Next Generation PQ PRO Disc Brake Pads

To increase technician and customer confidence, every set of PQ PRO brake pads is backed by a One-Year Centric-Assured Roadside Assistance Guarantee.


Centric Parts, a division of APC Automotive Technologies, has just introduced the next generation of its premium performance disc brake pads. Called Posi Quiet PRO (PQ PRO for short) by Centric Parts, the company says this advanced friction line has been developed with the professional technician in mind and addresses key service issues that plague many of today’s technicians and their customers, such as brake fade, weak braking response, excessive noise and time-consuming break-in procedures.

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According to Ken Selinger, vice president of product management, Centric Parts has combined its Posi Quiet friction development capabilities with cutting-edge technological enhancements to create a premium brake pad solution that delivers confidence and peace of mind to drivers while also providing comprehensive, value-driven solutions to technicians.

“Centric’s new PQ PRO brake pads feature our exclusive Mu500 friction coating technology which provides instant stopping power right out of the box, conditions the rotor-swept area and eliminates the need for time-consuming break-in procedures. PQ PRO also quickly removes Geomet or thermal paint from the face of a fully coated rotor, which eliminates extra labor and frees up service bays for more customers,” Selinger added. “This is our top-of-the-line offering and a game-changer given the surge of fully-coated rotors in the market. PQ PRO continues Centric’s tradition of delivering quiet, clean and smooth braking and is backed by 24/7 Assured Roadside Assistance as well.”

PQ PRO pads feature application-specific friction compounds engineered to restore “like new” braking performance, Centric adds. The company says the pads deliver “exceptional NVH and low-dust performance” and are fully compatible with both coated and uncoated rotors.

In addition to featuring Mu500 coating, PQ PRO pads are 100-percent positive-molded, 100-percent post-cured and 100-percent scorched for consistent, long-term stopping power. Advanced multi-layer, mechanically attached shims are incorporated to eliminate noise and shim migration, and precision-cut backing plates are used to ensure a perfect fit and smooth operation, according to Centric. The PQ PRO pads also have the Opti-Check Early Warning System embedded on the pads themselves, providing technicians with a clear visual indication of pad service life.


24/7 Assured Roadside Assistance

To increase technician and customer confidence, every set of PQ PRO brake pads is backed by a One-Year Centric-Assured Roadside Assistance Guarantee.

The PQ PRO line features more than 903 SKUs, covering 74 vehicle makes and more than 1,500 models from 1961-2019. PQ PRO joins the extensive Centric Parts brake pad product lineup, which includes Posi Quiet, Centric Premium, TACTICAL, Fleet Performance and C-TEK.

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