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VIDEO: Shock Wear Maintenance

Andrew Markel goes over what can wear out on a shock assembly and why it is important to check the inside of a shock as well as the outside.

VIDEO: Steering Angle Sensors And Jumpstarts

Andrew Markel relates a story from a technician where a jumpstarted car had a miscalibrated steering angle sensor.

VIDEO: Brake Fluid Testing

Andrew Markel shows why regularly testing brake fluid is due to the construction of Bundy tubing.

VIDEO: Aluminum Suspension Inspection

In most cases, an aluminum component is as strong or stronger than steel or cast iron. But what sets aluminum apart is how it fails. Most aluminum suspension components are extruded or forged, and in some cases, will be heat-treated. If a component has undergone extreme stress, such as a curb strike, the part will most likely crack and break instead of bend. Andrew Markel has a video introduction in which he answers a reader question about threadlocking compound.