Cadillac Tech Tip: Engine Stalls After Fuel Pump Replacement

Cadillac Tech Tip: Engine Stalls After Fuel Pump Replacement

Sometimes you have to hit the road to determine the cause of an issue. Follow along with this Real Fix to see how a stalling complaint was resolved on this 2008 Cadillac Escalade.

Model: 2008 Cadillac Escalade 6.2L


Confirmed the customer’s complaint and found the engine stalled. Performed a visual inspection of the vacuum hoses and found no obvious faults. When the engine stalled, connected a spark tester to a spark plug wire, cranked the engine and found spark was present. Connected a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel pressure test port, ran the engine and found the measured fuel pressure dropped below specifications when the engine stalled. Visually inspected the fuel pump wiring harness and found no obvious signs of damage. Back-probed the fuel pump voltage feed and ground circuits at the fuel pump connector using long leads that reached into the passenger compartment and connected the leads to a multimeter. Performed a road test, monitored the multimeter and found voltage and ground were present when the fuel pressure dropped. Disconnected the fuel pump connector, visually inspected the connector and terminals, and found no obvious signs of damage. These test results verified that the fuel pump was faulty.


Replaced the fuel pump and verified the vehicle operated properly. The customer’s concern did not return.

Courtesy of Mitchell 1 SureTrack Real Fixes.

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