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BRAKELIGHT: The Tale of Sam & Joe (December 1961)


Quality art never goes out of style. OK, so maybe you don’t remember “The Reluctant Student” from the December 1961 issue of Brake & Front End, but the message is as important now as it was then — maybe even more so.

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In the cartoon, we have Joe, who is content with his book of business and his shop’s operations. Why fix what ain’t broke? Meanwhile, across the street, Sam is constantly absorbing new information and trying to improve his service levels and industry knowledge. Over time, Sam gains more business while Joe runs into problems he can’t solve with yesterday’s training.

So, are you more of a Joe or a Sam? Before you answer, pay attention to who is sitting in the front row, learning about the latest techniques and service methods in that last panel.

If Joe can do it, we all can.


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