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brakelight-oct-2013When the customer drove the vehicle in, he stated that the brake pedal was low and there was a wet spot under the truck. It was a busy day at the shop and I didn’t have time to get it in the shop to see what it needed. Given the description, I decided to go out to the parking lot to see where it was leaking figuring it was a leaking brake line. I stepped on the brake pedal
only to find the pedal going straight to the floor. I could hear the brake fluid spraying under the truck so I proceeded to look where it was coming from. I expected to see a rear brake line leaking because that is what we usually see on these S10 trucks. I was surprised to find the fluid leak coming from the left front wheel. I couldn’t really get under the truck to see just how bad it was, but I could see the fluid was coming out of the brake caliper. Looking through the front of the wheel, I could see the brake pads were fairly thin and would need to be replaced soon. I priced out replacing front pads, rotors and calipers. I told the customer that I hadn’t had time to get the vehicle in yet, but I knew for sure that we would need to do at least this as a minimum. We went to bring the truck in, but couldn’t get it to stop so we decided to just push it in. We got the wheels off and found both pistons on the left front caliper had popped out. There was no inboard pad, and the inside of the rotor was half way through the fins. We showed the customer his rotor when he came to pick the truck up. He was surprised to see how bad it was.

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— Matt Kammel, Matt’s Auto Repair, Lacrosse, WI

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