Ram ProMaster Van Brake Job

Brake Job – 2014-Current Ram ProMaster

The owners of ProMasters keep them going and need you to keep them stopping.

The ProMaster Van was introduced in 2014 as a replacement for the Ram Sprinter. The van is built on the X250 platform that is shared with Fiat and many European OEMs. The chassis comes in 1500, 2500 and 3500 versions that can be mounted under everything from a panel van to a box truck.

The brake system uses floating calipers, front and rear. Some 2014 and 2015 models had issues with brake noise. The noise problem was cured with new friction materials. If you are purchasing new brake pads, buy a premium set that suits how the owner uses the ProMaster. Heavier loads might require a more aggressive semi-metallic brake pad. 


The standard Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system is a four-channel system. ESC primarily integrates the ABS and traction control systems. The ProMaster has Brake Assist (BA) that senses emergency braking by detecting the speed or force the driver applies to the brake pedal and boosts the power as needed using the pump on the ABS modulator.

If the amber ABS warning indicator lamp stays on, shift into gear and drive the car to a speed of approximately 15 mph to complete the ABS Start-Up and Drive-Off Cycles. If, at this time, the amber ABS warning indicator lamp stays on, refer to the appropriate diagnostic information.

Bleeding the brake system can be done with a power bleeder or manually.

Brake Pads

The brake pads on both front and rear have electronic wear sensors mounted on the inboard brake pads. It is recommended they be replaced with the brake pads to prevent false or missing warnings. Take care to seal the connector as water can leak into the connector and change the resistance and cause a false reading.

Parking Brake

The electric park brake (EPB) replaces the conventional hand brake lever within the interior by a switch or push button. The EPB module provides a fully automated control of the EPB actuator which is part of the EPB module. The EPB electric motor is used to pull and release a cable connected to the rear parking brake drums. The EPB module recognizes when to apply and release the parking brake. It then evaluates data from various driver inputs, the engine, transmission and wheel sensors, as well as by tracking the position of the clutch and throttle.

The EPB module performs self-diagnostic cycles when the vehicle is started and the button is actuated. One of the most common codes is C1200-16 for battery voltage below threshold. This code is set if the sensed battery voltage of the EPB module input is below 8.5 volts for 1.2 seconds. This can be set if the battery is weak.  

The module adjusts the cables. But, the shoes need to be adjusted if the brake rotor is replaced or the parking brake drum mechanism is serviced. 

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