Bosch Adds 70 New Aftermarket Part Numbers
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Bosch Adds 70 New Aftermarket Part Numbers


Bosch-Double-IridiumRobert Bosch LLC has added 70 new aftermarket part numbers to its braking, rotating machines, spark plugs, oxygen sensors, engine management sensors and fuel pump product lines.


Bosch QuietCast and Blue Disc Brake Pads

This month, Bosch has added 11 new SKUs to its Bosch QuietCast and Bosch Blue Brake Pad lines extending coverage for late-model domestic, Asian and European vehicles. Of these, nine new part numbers were added to the premium QuietCast line and two new numbers were added to the Bosch Blue line. Hardware kits are included for select applications.

All Bosch premium QuietCast Disc Brake Pads feature friction formulas specific to the application — semi-metallic, NAO or copper-free ceramic — and include synthetic lubricant in each package.

Bosch QuietCast Brake pads with hardware are available for 2000-’08 Acura CL, 1997-’99 Ford Expedition and more. Bosch QuietCast Brake pads without hardware kits are available for 1999-2000 Cadillac Escalade; 1990-2002 GMC Safari AWD and more. The nine new part numbers cover 18.9 million units in operation.


Two part numbers that are available with a hardware kit, fit applications including:  2000-’05 Ford Taurus; 1993-2002 Lincoln Continental and more. These new SKUs cover 2.6 million units in operation.

Rotating Machines

Bosch Starting and Charging systems is releasing 23 new alternators and starters covering 5.8 million vehicles in operation in the U.S. These include late-model domestic, Asian and European vehicles and one commercial vehicle application. Some of these new releases cover vehicles with OE Bosch Start/Stop systems.

The new releases include remanufactured alternators for 2005 BMW Mini Cooper Convertible L4 Cyl.1.6L; 2010-’14 Toyota Highlander L4 Cyl. 2.7L; and several 2010-’11 Subaru models. New and remanufactured starters are available for 2008-’14 vehicles. Among these are the 2011-’15 Porsche Cayenne V6 Cyl. 3.6L and 2008-’12 Mercedes-Benz C300 V6 Cyl. 3.0L. A remanufactured starter also is available for 2008-’13 BMW M3 V8 Cyl. 4.0L equipped with the Start/Stop system.


Bosch OE Fine Wire Spark Plugs

Bosch has added six new spark plug SKUs to its portfolio this month, covering an additional 3.5 million domestic, Asian and European vehicles in operation. These new additions showcase the latest spark plug technology from Bosch — a pin-to-pin application, a cup-connector terminal end application, a nickel-yttrium/copper core application and an OE fine-wire double platinum application.

An OE fine wire double platinum spark plug is available for several Chrysler models including the 2001-’06 Chrysler Sebring. An OE Specialty laser-welded iridium spark plug is available for 2006-’12 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.8L; a laser-welded iridium pin-to-pin spark plug is available for 2011-’14 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2.0L and a Nickel Yttrium/Copper-Core Spark Plug is available for the 2010 Kia Soul 1.6L.


Oxygen Sensors

Bosch-OXYSensorsBosch has introduced six OE direct-fit part numbers for an additional 2.3 million domestic and European vehicles in operation in the U.S. Applications for these new sensors include 2011-’14 Ford F-150; 2011-’13 Chevrolet Cruz; 2011-’14 Ford Expedition and more.

Engine Management Sensors

The Bosch Engine Management Group has introduced nine new engine management sensors for the aftermarket — high-pressure sensor, crankshaft position sensor, low-pressure sensor, manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor and mass air flow (MAF) sensor. Bosch sensors offer OE form, fit and function and include coverage for domestic and European vehicles.

A crankshaft position sensor is available for 2007-’10 Audi Q7; high pressure sensors are available for 2012-’14 Ford Explorer; low pressure sensors for 2004 Ford-150 Heritage; MAP sensors cover several Chevrolet models including 2013-’14 Chevrolet Cruz; MAF sensors fit 2007-’10 BMW X5 and more.


Fuel Pumps

The Bosch gasoline systems group has added 15 new fuel pump and module assembly part numbers to its OE fuel pump catalog for the aftermarket, extending coverage to an additional 1.3 million late-model domestic and Asian vehicles in operation.

Bosch fuel pumps feature a turbine design and offer OE form, fit and function. Applications cover 2008-’13 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 6.0L; 2010-’12 Ford Escape 2.5L and more. An electric fuel pump is available for 1998-’99 Nissan Altima.

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