Benefits Behind Loaded Steering Knuckles (VIDEO)

Benefits Behind Loaded Steering Knuckles (VIDEO)

Not only will it save time and money, but it will make the repair more predictable. Sponsored by The Group Training Academy.


Scott Shriber:

Hello and welcome. Today, we are going to tackle a subject that I think we’ve all been involved in, a very difficult repair or what can become a very difficult repair, bearing replacement. Today, we have an expert with us, Dave Grasso from Dorman Products, and I think he’s going to help us demystify this repair with a new solution. Dave, welcome.

Dave Grasso:

Thank you.

Scott Shriber:

Talk to us about your solutions for this, what can be challenging repair?

Dave Grasso:

Sure. Well, when Dorman looks at the replacement of wheel bearings, especially on these gen one units, what we’ll we find talking to many technicians is, it’s the unpredictable labor that’s involved, whether they’ll be seized, whether there are rust components and how difficult it’s actually to get out of that assembly? So Dorman’s come up with a new solution for the market, loaded steering knuckles. What loaded steering knuckles are doing is, rather than just replacing the one worn component, it’s replacing all the components associated with that repair, not only saving time and money for the end user and the technician, but making the repair more predictable for the service writers.

Scott Shriber:

Excellent. So you mentioned three different people there. You mentioned the technician, the service advisor, and the customer. Talk to us a little bit about why this complete component repair is better for all three of those people?

Dave Grasso:

Sure. Well, it starts with the technician. When they identify that there’s a worn or bad bearing, often they go to the service writer, let him know that he’s got to do a bearing repair, but he doesn’t know how long it’s going to take until he gets into it. For the technician, they have to break it down. They have to pull the assembly out, and they have to identify how easy it is to press this component out. Often, it seized from either corrosion or rust. Often, it takes multiple attempts with a press. Often, they don’t have a big enough press to get it out. So as they’re going through the repair, the time just continues to increase. So for the technician, obviously that causes more stress as it goes on. For the service writer, he’s not sure what to quote the customer on how long the repair is. And that always raises questions throughout the repair.

Scott Shriber:

Excellent. I noticed that this looks like a complete. Everything comes with it, I noticed all of the hardware is here. Can you talk to us a little bit about how Dorman engineers this product?

Dave Grasso:

Sure. Well, we look at everything from the repair standpoint. We walk through the process of what it takes the technician, what are all the ancillary components that it takes to remove, and what components could be worn in the process? So Dorman’s design really starts at that application. We’re going to break down all the ancillary components to understand where failures are, where rust could be? And we try to provide a unique solution that’s going to include all applications for specific hardware and all mating components to make sure that installation’s smooth, quick and easy. This includes backing plates, where applicable and even brake hardware, all the way to individual bushings. So each vehicle’s a little bit different, but to speed up the repair, replacing the complete assembly as a unit, is the fastest and easiest method.

Scott Shriber:

That sounds excellent, Dave. Thank you very much. Where can somebody get more information about this?

Dave Grasso:

Sure. We’re always expanding coverage in this line. So for more application specific information on coverage, you can find that at

Scott Shriber:

All right. There you have it, demystifying a very challenging repair, it’s better for the technician, the service advisor and the customer. Thank you very much for being with us and we’ll see you next time.

This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

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