Beck/Arnley Launches TRUE|Friction Brake Pad Series

Beck/Arnley Launches TRUE|Friction Brake Pad Series

Beck:ArnleyBrakePadBeck/Arnley has launched a new brake pad series that using the same type of material recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. TRUE|Friction pads are specifically designed to match the most current OE friction type by application, according to the company.

“We are very excited to bring this unique program to the market,” said Tom Fritsche, director of product management. “We took feedback we received from the marketplace and revamped our brake pad offering. Our customers requested that we reduce the confusion of offering multiple materials and simply offer the material that the car manufacturer recommends. The result is TRUE|Friction.”

According to Beck/Arnley, TRUE|Friction streamlines the decision-making process of determining what material to use. No more sorting through lists of different materials and features trying to determine what is actually needed. Beck/Arnley says it provides only the latest OE application-specific material, supplied with the features you have come to expect for great performance and extended service life, including:
• All pads supplied with chemically and mechanically bonded shims to minimize noise.
• All backing plates have precision cut edges to ensure proper fit and installation.
• All friction material is formulated to minimize dusting.
• All pads are chamfered and slotted to maximize braking performance.
• All pads are integrally molded and post cured for maximum life.
• Where integrated, sensors are included.

The TRUE|Friction series is part of Beck/Arnley’s new True|Braking family. This collection also includes True|Calipers, True|Shoes and True|Metal. To learn more, visit chassis/truebrakingseries/.

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