Sean Donohue, Author at Brake & Front End
TPMS Corrosion Tips And Tricks From The Field

By Sean Phillips  If you’re a shop owner or technician, you know that TPMS has been mandatory equipment on all cars since 2007. You’re probably also aware that many of your customers do not know this, nor do they generally know much about the fragile nature of the sensors inside their tires. This disconnect can

Point Of View: Download The New Media Experience

Well, if you have not heard yet or have not had the opportunity to read some of our other publications, now is your opportunity to learn about our new piece of technology that is changing the world of print as we know it!

Point of View: Managing Your Time Well Is Key To Continued Organization

The entire flow of your day revolves around organization.

Point of View: A Messy Toolbox Is Wasting Your Time — and Money

  I wanted to take the time to discuss with you some of the new things you may have seen in this issue of TechShop and some things to come in future issues. First off, as you saw on page 23 of our April 2012 issues (or click here to see more), we are launching

Point of View: It’s Show Time…

This is the time of the year that most of the national tool distributors hold their annual trade shows. And the TechShop team will be packing up to attend these trade shows to bring you the latest in equipment and tool innovation.