Jason Stahl, Author at Brake & Front End
VIDEO: OBD II Dongles: What Your Customer Doesn’t Know Can Hurt Them

Jason Stahl discusses OBD II dongles, typically used by customers to diagnose their own vehicles, and how they can interfere with important communications channels in the vehicle’s systems. Sponsored by Standard.

VIDEO: What Is The TPMS Light Telling You?

Jason Stahl discusses the TPMS system, and what the light is telling you when it blinks, stays on, or turns off. Sponsored by Standard.

VIDEO: Air Ride And Sleep Mode

Jason Stahl discusses air ride, and how the vehicles that have it still perform even when the vehicle is turned off. Sponsored by Standard.

VIDEO: Can Electric Power Steering Smooth Out Road Crown?

Jason Stahl discusses electric power steering and how it senses driver activity in order to smooth the vehicle’s suspension movements on turns. Sponsored by Standard.

VIDEO: ABS Pressure Transducer Diagnosis

Jason Stahl discusses the function of pressure transducers, and how its failure can affect the ABS system, including the HCU. Sponsored by Standard.

VIDEO: Common TPMS Relearn Mistakes

Jason Stahl goes over some common mistakes made during a TPMS relearn, and how to prevent them. Sponsored by Standard.

VIDEO: Diesel Particulate Filters And Regeneration Cycles

Jason Stahl discusses diesel fuel systems, and the ideal time to perform a regeneration cycle, if the vehicle is able to perform the procedure. Sponsored by Standard.