Hank Inman, Author at Brake & Front End
Tech Feature: Preventive Maintenance Should Include Checking the TPMS

Among several things, winter always drops unpleasant reminders of the many issues that can affect automobile and tire performance for the rest of the year. Tire pressure monitoring systems are just one of the more recent components whose operation can be adversely affected by winter’s wrath. As is common, these issues last well into spring and sometimes are 12-month-long concerns for drivers – and opportunities for tire dealers.

Tech Update: Top 5 TPMS Questions

From professional and college football down to youth-league soccer, everyone (including TechShop!) has a “Top Something-or-other” list. Why should the tire industry be different? Over the last year or so, Tire Rack has been conducting an informal and unscientific survey of its customers regarding the reoccurrence of issues dealing with tire pressure monitoring systems. Thanks

Dispelling TPMS Myths

In the October issue, we addressed lessons learned from Toyota dealerships and how they have come to handle TPMS issues. This month, a Ford Motor Co. engineer provides helpful information on myths that surround TPMS units and service. Myths are fine if you’re teaching mythology. However, they are a pain in the bay for the

TPMS: What are Dealers Doing?

Service shops aren’t the only ones concerned about TPMS these days. Auto dealers, also, are handling an increasing number of TPMS-equipped vehicles in their service bays. While there’s strong competition for vehicle service, TPMS is forcing both auto and tire dealers to cope with a new side dish on their service menus. The common thread,