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Tech Feature: Handling Hybrid Service

Right now, the service opportunities lie mainly in the future as hybrids move out of warranty and into the independent service bays. However, it’s entirely realistic to expect hybrids to become a growing part of the automotive service market.

Tech Feature: Disc Brake Caliper Service

In order to appreciate some of the fine points of disc brake repair, it’s important to review the basic elements of disc brake caliper service. Gary Goms uses a typical caliper service to illustrate some of the issues involved in disc brake service.

Tech Feature: Steering Linkage Service

Although most technicians take steering linkages for granted, it pays to review the basics. Knowing them can prevent everything from excessive tire wear to the most serious situation – loss of driver control due to failure of this system.

Management: A Shop’s Opinion on Reman Aftermarket Automotive Parts

Remanufactured auto parts have become a major portion of today’s multi-billion dollar automotive replacement parts industry. Today, just about every type of rebuildable component from windshield wiper motors to computers to complete engines and transmissions are offered through a local warehouse, jobber or retail parts outlet.

Tech Feature: Acquiring Data on Scan Tools, Part II

Technical contributor Gary Goms discuss the importance of choosing the right scan tool, using scan tool database systems, graphing data, storing data for future use, analyzing scan tool data and using bi-directional controls.

Tech Feature: Cylinder Head Gasket Service Essentials

Cylinder head gasket design has become more sophisticated than in years past. Critical steps must be taken during the repair process to ensure

Tech Feature: Servicing MacPherson Struts

In today’s fast-paced import service market, it’s easy to forget the basics of inspecting and repairing MacPherson struts on front suspension systems. But before we get into servicing MacPherson struts, let’s take a look at the design and function of most modern front suspension struts.

Diagnostic Solutions: Modern Battery Design and Testing

Modern battery technology is changing the way we deal with battery testing and replacement.

Tech Feature: Getting The Most Data From Your Scan Tool

It’s more than likely that many technicians use their scan tools as diagnostic trouble code (DTC) readers rather than as the analytical and testing tools that they really are.

Brake & Wheel Bearing Service

Although wheel and drivetrain bearings generally last the life of the vehicle, they occasionally fail due to extreme loading, lack of lubrication, dirt and moisture contamination, and, of course, ordinary wear and tear. When discussing bearing wear, it’s important to understand that the function of the modern bearing is to maintain a perfect alignment and near-zero clearance between rotating parts.

Tech Feature: Mass Airflow Sensors Are Critical In Today’s Engine Management Systems

In addition to providing an exact measurement of airflow into the engine, airflow sensor inputs can be used to provide a load-sensing input to the powertrain control module (PCM) to help control the shift points and shift quality of an automatic transmission.

Tech Feature: Spark Plug Replacement is a ‘Big Deal’ in Today’s Market

While changing spark plugs used to be “no big deal,” today’s long-life spark plugs often require more extensive disassembly and more precise installation.